This Playful Home Christmas Gift Guide

It’s November and a quick scroll of social media tells me that we are officially in Amazon affiliate link season but the This Playful Home Christmas Gift Guide is a little different.

Absolutely no shade to the parents and educators who chose this approach to earn money, but how do you know that their suggestions are genuine? The truth is? It’s pretty difficult.

November for me also means an international house move. And as I pack up my belongings and consider the toys and educational resources that will make it onto the shipping container, I thought I would share with you the toys that we hold in high regard.


all of the toys featured in my gift guide are ones we own


How is the This Playful Home Christmas Gift Guide different?

This Holiday Gift Guide is a little different to others available because I do not have affiliate links with any companies and I don’t have any brand partnerships either. All of the present ideas that are listed are items that we own. And it’s not just items we own in order to fill out this list, they are all items that my children love.

I don’t earn any money from this guide, it simply exists to help you find good quality present ideas for your children. Each item is hyperlinked directly to the brand website so that you can research stockists in your local area.

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My approach to buying presents

As we are a family of three, I have to be really organised when it comes to buying presents, especially since my daughter’s birthday falls on the 22nd.

I have a special Christmas wallet (via Monzo, for those of you who are UK based) which I add to each month so when it comes to the Christmas season, I’m not overstretching my budget.

My children each have (the same) allocated amount for Christmas and birthdays, I then work out how much I need to save each month.

Whilst this tip might not be much use to you now in November, it’s something you might want to implement in future years.

How to approach buying presents from the This Playful Home Christmas gift guide

The This Playful Home Christmas gift guide will help you buy presents for your baby, toddler and preschoolers in a more intentional manner. Many of the toys featured can be built into a bigger collection over time.
I don’t go crazy with piles of presents for each child. That would quickly become too overwhelming. I aim to buy around 3 presents (excluding the stocking and advent calendar) for each child. Items I look to include:
  • One skill-based toy each
  • An open-ended toy (for the play space)
  • One book each
  • A game to play as a family
  • Something practical
  • Something creative
  • Something they love
  • An experience

For example:

Mr 5 – main presents
  • Numberblocks set (11-20) – this is something he loves and it’s a great skills-based toy
  • Ollie Ella dinkum doll
  • Great Pretenders Cloak and crown
Mr 5 – Stocking
  • Orchard Toys Crazy Chefs game
  • x2 tonies (Stickman and Octonauts)
  • I’m the Bus Driver book
  • playdough
  • Wonder Cloth play mat
Miss 7 – main presents
  • Schleich pony club set
  • Ollie Ella baby cot (she already has her own doll)
  • Roller-skates
Miss 7 – stocking
  • bead making set (bought locally)
  • Orchard Toys Bus Stop game
  • Isadora Moon book
  • x2 Tonies (Rapunzel and Gruffalos Child)
  • Wonder Cloth play mat

toddler ideas from the This Playful Home Christmas gift guide which can be accessed via my substack newsletter How I drink my Coffee Hot

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