Everyday Resources to Save for Play

a collection of loose parts for play including conkers and wood chips
Sian Thomas

There’s no denying the fact that children are EXPENSIVE and that’s before we get started on the temptation to buy every single Montessori inspired wooden toy going on Instagram!

In order to avoid re-mortgaging your house as a result of toy purchases AND make play more spontaneous you need to start building up a collection of everyday resources that you can reuse in play invitations.


5 tips on How to get started with a collection of everyday resources:

  1. Collect nature treasures on your daily walks. We love to use sticks, conkers, acorns and pinecones in play – just check that what you collect is suitable and doesn’t pose a choking hazard!
  2. Recycle bottle caps, wine corks and food pouch lids – they can be used in loose parts play.
  3. Use glass jam / passata jars to store recycled materials – obviously wash everything first!
  4. The IKEA GLIS box is an excellent resource for storing items by type. We have one for seasonal nature treasures and fine motor resources (thing cloths pegs, craft sticks and buttons)
  5. Keep old jewellery, handbags, purses and expired store cards as they are excellent for dramatic play.

You can download the full list of everyday resources for free (and without email sign-up) here.

everyday resources