Simple Halloween Dollhouse Makeover

This Halloween dollhouse makeover is the perfect activity to try with your primary school aged children.

I see so many incredible dollhouse makeovers online, but the one thing they tend to have in common is that they are clearly all done by talented  adults. Dollhouses and miniatures are such a fun hobby, however for my 7 year-old daughter, I wanted to create a project idea that she could join in with.

a 5 year old boy explores the Halloween dollhouse

My daughter is naturally drawn to anything creative and arty. I know that if I involve her in simple craft projects now, she might eventually become one of those talented crafters herself!

After upcycling my daughter’s dollhouse for her birthday, I’ve been keen for us to do projects together where we decorate the dollhouse according to the seasons.


A Maileg mouse dressed as a ghost sits on an armchair in a Halloween dollhouse


How to Create a Halloween Dollhouse

To make a Halloween dollhouse with your children, start by seeking out the materials you already have in your home. We didn’t buy anything new for this project, opting instead to reuse old Halloween decorations and an outgrown white t-shirt.

As this project is made with the involvement of your children, here’s a quick reminder that it doesn’t have to look perfect or Pinterest worthy! This is simply supposed to be a fun way to spend time together.

Suggested Resources for a Halloween Dollhouse

  • fairy lights / Halloween themed lights
  • rope light (for backlighting)
  • old t-shirt / white fabric to make simple ghosts
  • fabric scissors
  • black art marker
  • cobweb decoration (or cotton wool)
  • black fabric and card – to make simple witch outfits
  • plastic spiders / bats
  • felt and ribbon – to make mini bunting
  • Additional Halloween decor – e.g. mini cauldrons
  • mini pumpkins
  • Maileg mice / dolls

How to Make the simple Ghost Outfits

You will need:

  • White fabric or t-shirt
  • circle template
  • pencil
  • fabric scissors
  • fabric pen

My daughter made all of the ghost outfits for the Halloween dollhouse herself. In my opinion, it’s a great precursor to more complex projects. Here are the steps:

  1. Use a circle template to draw around the fabric with a pencil
  2. Cut around the fabric with a scissors
  3. Measure approximate earholes (if you also have Maileg mice)  and mouth by folding the circle in half
  4. Cut out the holes
  5. Add eyes with a black fabric marker

An alternative option would be to simple cut out the fabric and draw on eyes and a mouth.

a Maileg mouse dressed in a ghost costume sits in a bath that has been filled with cobweb fabric

How we made our Halloween Dollhouse

  1. First we cleared out all of the furniture from the dollhouse and gave everything a good clean.
  2. We added a Halloween spider fabric behind the radiator with rope lights for a spooky effect.
  3. After placing the furniture back into the dollhouse, we added cobweb fabric with plastic spiders. We also cut up an old (and broken) set of ghost lights and placed them around the house.

Couldn’t be simpler, right?

If you follow us on Pinterest, you’ll also notice that we added the Maileg camping set and a pumpkin patch to our small world scene. You can view the video here. 

A Maileg mouse in a ghost outfit pulls along a mini pumpkin in a red wagon

At Home Autumn Art & Sensory Camp

If you wanted to find more fun Halloween  themed activities after trying this Halloween dollhouse, check out the At Home Autumn Art & Sensory Camp in my membership group. If you would like to access the content, you can check it out here. 

This image shows a timetable for an Autumn art & sensory camp. The pumpkin hammer art is one of the activities included

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