Unlock The Secrets To Playful Days At Home

Understand how your children play and what helps them to become more independent and creative.
art with toddler: featuring a flower painted in a vibrant purple colour
Sarah Szuminski

Art with Toddlers: 4 Reasons to Try Process Art

When it comes to art in the early years, I am so passionate about letting young children explore! Toddlers are little adventurers after all.  As a early childhood special educator, I know that Sarah Szuminski feels the same. That’s why I’ve invited her to write a guest blog post all about process art with toddlers.

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a little girl in yellow glasses looking angry
Dr. Cara Damiano Goodwin

7 Evidence-Based Ways to Handle Toddler Aggression

Parenting toddlers can be tough! That’s why I’ve asked child psychologist Dr. Cara Damiano Goodwin, PhD of Parenting Translator to write this week’s guest post. Dr Cara is sharing 7 evidence-based ways to handle toddler aggression.

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a 6 year old girl searches for books in a local bookstore
Play Makes Sense

10 tips to get your child reading

One of the biggest concerns for parents can be the semantics around learning to read: just how exactly do you encourage your child to read? I’ve got Abbie and Alice from Play Makes Sense to write a guest post all about encouraging your child to read.

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Amanda (Karas) Gerson

5 Tips to Get your Toddler Talking

One of the questions I get asked the most in Instagram DMs is: ‘how can I get my toddler to starting talking?’ So I have invited an expert to share some tips! Amanda Gerson is a speech therapist who runs ABG Speech Therapy. Here’s what she advises…

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a play invitation with playdough, loose parts and animal figurines
Sian Thomas

What is an Invitation to Play? 5 Essentials to get Started

I believe that we spend far too much time getting hung up on the idea of ‘entertaining’ our children. There’s an awful lot of pressure on parents to provide 24/7 entertainment for their children. In reality, planned activities should only be done once or twice at the most each day.

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