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Set up your home for playful learning to nurture and develop your child’s independence, create a welcoming home environment and regain some time for yourself!
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What’s It All About?

Are you currently overwhelmed by the intensity of motherhood in the early years? Being on duty 100% of the time can be both lonely and exhausting. The mental load is intense, especially when you never quite know if you’re doing the right thing.

Shall I let you in to a secret? You don’t just have to merely endure the early years, you can enjoy them too! Take back control of your days by setting up your home so that it is a  cosy, calm space for both you and your family.

Discover what real play looks like, understand HOW children play and create activities that will actually work for your child – all without the overwhelm.  And the best thing? You get some time back for yourself!

This is about real play in real homes and not the Instagram perfect version of reality.

Become the confident mama who: enjoys days at home with the kids; makes time for herself, without feeling guilty about it; balances work and play; knows exactly how to set up the home for play and to foster independence.



  • A willingness to have a go – go all in!
  • A mobile, tablet or desktop PC
  • That’s it!

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What you'll get in this course

  • Declutter and Organise

    Learn the key ingredients to organise your home into a playful environment

  • Independence

    Create a play environment that helps to foster independence in your child

  • Knowledge

    Understand how children play so that you can set up easy yet meaningful activities

  • Time back

    Claim back time for yourself without the guilt factor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete the course within a certain time frame?

No! The beauty of this course is that you can complete it within your own time. You get lifetime access AND all the benefits of regular, monthly updates without having to pay any extra.

How long is the course?

Working at a steady pace and taking action on the tasks, the course will take around 5 weeks to complete. It will partly depend on how much reorganising of your home you will need to do and what your current commitments are.

What format does the course take?

There are 5 modules with between 2- 4 videos for each module. As well as watching the videos, there are practical tasks to complete.

Each module also has a handy module guide, where you will find extra information and lesson tasks

Can I share my login details with my partner?

Sharing details with your partner is fine, however please do not pass on the details to others.

What age children does the course cover?

The information is predominately aimed at the early years of a child’s life, more specifically from the ages of 2-5. However, the principles shared will also apply to babies and young toddlers as well as children of primary school age. It’s never too early or too late to learn about play spaces and independent play!

Do I get access to the lessons immediately?

Yes! You sure do. Once your payment has been confirmed,  you’ll be sent login details and a welcome email. We don`t drop feed content and you can move between any lessons whenever you want.

My Guarantee

I take your investment – in money and time – seriously.  I want you to feel you’ve had a lot of value from my courses.  I vouch for the quality and research in developing my offer.

So I make this commitment – if after purchase and completion you don`t feel you’ve had good value, contact me so we can work to fix it.  If you truly feel you’ve not got value I’ll refund your money.  You can check my refund policy here.

Sian x

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This pathway is currently closed