Learn how to create a purposeful play environment that promotes independence and engaged play.

In this four part mini course, you’ll learn the essential steps to plan and create a play space that is perfect for your home!

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Do you have more toys than the average toy shop - yet your children struggle to play independently?

Perhaps you’ve bought all of the ‘must have’ toys that you’ve seen on Instagram but they aren’t getting the results you were expecting.

Maybe you’re constantly tripping over your child’s toys because they literally take up every area of your home?

Or are you frustrated that you never get a minute to yourself because you feel like you need to entertain your child?

Introducing the Play SPACE 101 Mini Course. This is everything you need to restore calm and order to your home so that you can create a peaceful home environment that promotes learning via engaged, independent play.

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More Joy Less Overwhelm in 4 essential lessons

Your home should be a sanctuary space.

After all, in the early years of your child’s life, this is where you probably spend the majority of your days!

Play Space 101 covers four essential areas to create a purposeful play space, no matter how big your house is or how many toys you have!

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of space – beyond what looks good on Instagram!
  • How to locate, declutter and organise your space
  • How to create a space that encourages independent play
  • How to present toys so that they actually get played with


Plus these amazing bonuses!

  • Solutions for small spaces
  • Your outdoor play space
  • DIY Wall Art Inspiration
  • Play space organisation labels

What's Included?

4 Video Lessons

Emails to keep you on track

Declutter & Organise Guide

Bonus! Organisation Labels

15+ downloadable resources

Bonus Mini Lessons

Useful Lists

Lifetime Access

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mini course?

The mini course is a collection of digital resources that are specifically designed to help your days at home become more playful. There is a combination of swipe-files, e-books and videos.


What happens if I can't watch the videos on the release date?
That’s not a problem, I know you are a busy parent. Once you’ve signed up for the mini course you will get lifetime access.
What does lifetime access mean?

This means that you will get access to the course and any updates for as long as it is available. If the course is ever archived, you will get 6 weeks notice to watch the videos and download pdfs.

How long will the mini course take me to complete?
This will depend on your schedule. The mini course is divided into bitesize sections – so you could do it all in one day or spread it out over the course of a few weeks.
How can I access the mini course?
The course is both mobile and desktop friendly.
What languages is the course in?

The course is only available in English at this time.

*Do I get access to the lessons immediately?

Yes. Once you have purchased the mini course, you get immediate access to all of the materials.

What age does the course cover?

The information is predominately aimed at the early years of a child’s life, more specifically from the ages of 2-5. However, the principles shared will also apply to babies and young toddlers as well as children of primary school age. It’s never too early or too late!

I'm a teacher, is this mini course right for me?

This mini course is specifically written for parents rather than teachers.

Can I share login access with my partner?

Sharing details with your partner is fine, however please do not pass on the details to others.