New Years Eve Fireworks Pre-Writing Tray

When it comes to New Years Eve, celebrations and fireworks definitely spring to mind! That’s why we decided to create this fireworks pre-writing tray for my daughter when she was younger.

Not only do themed activities help children to make connections to the world around them, this is also a fantastic way of working on pre-writing skills and mark making.

Whilst I wholly believe that children should have school holiday off to rest and rejuvenate, this type of activity is a playful way to keep developing skills without it actually seeming like work!


a 5 year old girl makes fireworks in a tray of sequins

What are pre-writing activities?

As the name suggests, pre-writing activities work on the skills a child needs in order to write. This includes hand-eye coordination, crossing the midlines, fine motor skills, pincer grip, tracking and balance. In this blog post, I specifically focus on this one fireworks pre-writing tray, but there are plenty of fine motor and pre-writing skills activities across the website.


What you will need to make a fireworks pre-writing tray

In order to make this fireworks pre-writing tray you need a few supplies from your craft cupboard:

  • sequins
  • eco glitter
  • paintbrush
  • 2 plastic trays that can be stacked – e.g. trofast trays featured here
  • 2-3 sets of battery operated fairy lights

a close up of the fireworks pre-writing tray

How to Make a Fireworks Pre-Writing Tray

  1. Start by adding 2-3 sets of battery operated fairy lights to one stackable tray, then turn on the lights
  2. Add the second clear stackable tray on top
  3. Pour in a mix of eco-glitter and sequins to cover the bottom of the tray
  4. Invite your child to make fireworks patterns in the mix



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Sian Thomas
an image of This Playful Home founder, Sian Thomas. The photo includes a photo of her daughter when she was around 18 months old

I’m Siân (rhymes with yarn), a play advocate, proud parent to three, and former teacher. My mission is to infuse more joy and less overwhelm into the lives of parents. Discover play-based activities with me that not only make learning FUN but also forge deep connections with your young learners, creating memories to cherish forever.