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How to make your Summer at Home with young children More Playful

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Sian Thomas

Summer is here, so how about a little sale on This Playful Home Courses.

As you know, I’m really passionate about play. I love helping parents make the early years of parenthood less overwhelming and more joyful.⁠

I believe that play is the secret ingredient to make life just that little bit easier. After all, play is how young children learn best. ⁠

But I also know that summers can be hard. ⁠

It’s impossible to spend every day of the summer doing special trips which means that time at home with your child can start to feel pretty daunting.⁠

So for a limited time only, you can get access to the Playful Days at Home Toolkit and Play Space 101 at a reduced price.⁠

And the best thing? You get lifetime access, so get in now before the next official launches in the fall😁⁠

So which course is best for you? Read on below to find out more.


The Playful Days at Home Starter Kit

his is the perfect place to get started on your playful parenting journey!
In a 10-part video series, you’ll learn 10 essential lessons for parenting in the early years. Unlock the doors to understanding play, creating a playful home environment, fostering independence, and more.

The Playful Days at Home Starter Kit is perfect if:

  • You are constantly searching Pinterest and Instagram for yet more activities to keep your children entertained but all it results in is more exhaustion for you.
  • You are veering between boredom and overwhelm each day.
  • Your child struggles to play independently.
  • Transitions in your day are met with resistance.
  • You feel like life is on pause until the children get just a little bit older.
  • You struggle to get a minute to yourself – even to use the bathroom!

You’ll Learn

  • The Importance of a Daily Rhythm
  • How to fill your Child’s Cup
  • Understanding the True Meaning of Play
  • Your Role in Play
  • The Steps to Independent Play
  • Simplifying Play at Home
  • Creating a Playful Home Environment
  • The Role of Outdoor Play
  • Raising an Independent Child
  • The Path to Seamless Transitions

Plus get these amazing bonuses!

  • 2 bonus videos
  • 20 downloadable pdfs
  • Daily Rhythm Guide and Planner
  • Daily rhythm templates
  • 10 quick guides

Your $15 off discount code:

To take advantage of this limited time offer, use the code PDAH15 at the checkout

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Play Space 101

Learn how to create a purposeful play environment that promotes independence and engaged play.

In this four part mini course, you’ll learn the essential steps to plan and create a play space that is perfect for your home!

Your home should be a sanctuary space.

After all, in the early years of your child’s life, this is where you probably spend the majority of your days!

Play Space 101 covers four essential areas to create a purposeful play space, no matter how big your house is or how many toys you have!


Play Space 101 is perfect if:

You Have More Toys Than The Average Toy Shop – Yet Your Children Struggle To Play Independently

You’ve bought all of the ‘must have’ toys that you’ve seen on Instagram but they aren’t getting the results you were expecting.

You’re constantly tripping over your child’s toys because they literally take up every area of your home

You’re frustrated that you never get a minute to yourself because you feel like you need to entertain your child

Play SPACE 101  is everything you need to restore calm and order to your home so that you can create a peaceful home environment that promotes learning via engaged, independent play.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of space – beyond what looks good on Instagram!
  • How to locate, declutter and organise your space
  • How to create a space that encourages independent play
  • How to present toys so that they actually get played with

Plus these amazing bonuses!

  • Solutions for small spaces
  • Your outdoor play space
  • DIY Wall Art Inspiration
  • Play space organisation labels

Your $10 off discount code:

To take advantage of this limited time offer, use the code PLAYSPACE10 at the checkout

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IMPORTANT! This is a limited time offer

This is a limited time offer and the sale will only last for a few weeks!

The good news? If you buy now, you get lifetime access

This means that when the course go to an official launch in the fall and new year, you will get all of the benefits of new course content without having to pay anymore.

Here’s those codes again:

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Still not sure which to choose?

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