The Easiest Halloween Sensory Bin for Toddlers & Preschoolers

What’s the easiest Halloween sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers? One that doesn’t require dying ingredients and buying lots of new resources, that’s what!

Every Halloween we create a version of this sensory bin. Sometimes we dye rice, other times we use what we have in our store cupboard. Creating themed sensory bins like this one are a fun and hands-on way to help very young children make connections to the celebrations of the season.


A square image of a Halloween sensory bin filled with orange lentils and black and white bow pasta. The sensory bin also includes a toy cauldron, pumpkins and leaves



Why should you create a Halloween sensory bin?

Creating themed activities for young children helps them to connect to the world around them and learn about seasonal events in a fun and hands-on way. Autumn is no different which is why it can be fun (and educational) to create a Halloween sensory bin.

Here are some benefits of creating this Halloween sensory bin:

Making connections to the world around them: following seasonal themes helps children to understand the events that are happening in their culture.

Language and vocabulary building: there’s plenty of opportunities to learn new and topical words such as ‘pumpkin’, ‘cauldron’ and ‘potion.’

Fine Motor Skills: Using items like scissor scoops in the Halloween sensory bin means those little hands get a good workout

Hand-eye coordination: Scooping the lentils and pasta into the cauldron requires hand-eye coordination, as well as a skill called crossing the midline – there the dominant hand crosses over to the other side of the body.

You can read more about the general benefits of sensory play here. 

a horizontal image of the Halloween sensory bin with a small child's hand scooping up lentils with a fine motor scissor scoop to place into a toy cauldron


What resources should you put in a Halloween sensory bin?

The items you put in your Halloween sensory bin will really depend on what you have in your store cupboard and craft cupboard. I never recommend specifically going out to buy items specifically for sensory play – unless you have the intention to save and keep them year after year.

In this case, we used the following in our sensory bin:

  • Red lentils
  • Black and white ‘bow’ pasta
  • Fabric leaves
  • Halloween sequins
  • real mini pumpkins
  • a toy cauldron
  • scissor scoops from Learning Resources
  • Nature treasures – conkers, pinecones and twigs

We placed all of the ingredients in a large plastic storage tub with a messy mat underneath to catch any spills.

At Home Autumn Art & Sensory Camp

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This image shows a timetable for an Autumn art & sensory camp. The pumpkin hammer art is one of the activities included

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