Simple Gruffalo Story Basket for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Is your toddler a big fan of The Gruffalo? If so, try this simple Gruffalo story basket. It honestly couldn’t be simpler to put together – especially with all the themed merchandise that is available these days!

We’ve been big fans of The Gruffalo for quite some time now, and when my eldest son (now 14) was small, we had to get creative with our own DIY Gruffalo story basket ideas. Whilst you can absolutely still do that, this post is much, much simpler than that.



What you will need to make a Gruffalo Story Basket

The list below simply shares the resources we used in our own Gruffalo story basket, you don’t have to go out and buy any resources especially for this activity and I always recommend that you use what you have at home first. You might even notice that the characters we used aren’t from the Gruffalo, but The Gruffalo’s Child instead!

  • Gruffalo / Gruffalo’s Child finger puppets*
  • A green playsilk
  • Wooden trees
  • A copy of The Gruffalo
  • Audio copy of the book / Tonies figure
  • Sensory bottles containing elements from the story – e.g. ‘Gruffalo Crumble’

*If you don’t have the puppets, or would prefer not to buy them, here are two other options to try:

  • Print off clip art versions of the characters, laminate and glue to a craft stick
  • Print off clip art versions of the character, apply to a pebble using modge podge

Laminating isn’t essential, but it does help the resource last longer in the hands of enthusiastic toddlers!


Benefits of Creating a Story Basket

Story baskets are a great way to retell favourite tales – whilst they are mainly used in a classroom setting, there’s no reason why they can’t be used at home too. Here are some benefits:

Speech and Language development: Retelling stories helps young children to learn new vocabulary, speak with expression and practise using words in context

Developing empathy: Talking about the characters and how they might be feeling is a good way for children to start labelling and understanding emotions

Reading Comprehension: This skill is often overlooked in pursuit of racing through reading levels (in the primary years), but understanding what has been read – by retelling the story in their own words or explaining how a character might feel – is an important part of the reading process.

Bonding time: This Gruffalo story basket (and indeed any reading you do with your child), is an excellent way to spend time with one another.


How to use this Gruffalo Story Basket

I’d only recommend using this resource if The Gruffalo is a familiar favourite in your house. It won’t really work with children who aren’t familiar with the story.

So start but reading the story often at bedtime (or any other time or day) and listen to the audiobook version too.

Once your child is familiar with the story, you can create your The Gruffalo story basket.

Look in your play space, craft cupboard and recycling box for items you could use to put together your own retelling of the story.

You can leave the basket in the play space for your child to explore independently and also sit down to read the story whilst they explore the basket.

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