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Now that you’ve registered, let me take you through what happens next:

  • Soon you’ll get an email from ‘thisplayfulhome’ asking you to confirm that you’ve signed up to the mailing list.
  • You need to click ‘confirm’ in order to be fully registered and get your free guide.
  • Once you’ve done this, your guide will arrive in a separate email.


What to do if you don’t see any emails from me? Check ‘promotional mail’ & ‘social mail’ if you have Gmail and also your junk/spam inbox.



Confirming your address means the following steps will happen:

  • You will receive your guide AND three welcome emails (over the course of 10 days) introducing you to This Playful Home.
  • After that sequence has finished, you’ll be added to the weekly mailing list. This was stated clearly in the original sign-up form.


If you have changed your mind, no worries! Simply don’t click ‘confirm’ and you won’t receive any emails from This Playful Home.

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