New Years Eve Fireworks Pre-Writing Tray

When it comes to New Years Eve, celebrations and fireworks definitely spring to mind! That’s why we decided to create this fireworks pre-writing tray for my daughter when she was younger. Not only do themed activities help children to make connections to the world around them, this is also a fantastic way of working on […]

10 Ways to Learn High Frequency Words

When your child first starts learning to read, they might come home with sets of high frequency words from school. These can feel daunting at first – just what exactly should you do with these word sets? How can you help your child to learn them? and what should you do if your child is […]

How to Raise a Reader: 12 tips to try

how to raise a reader cover for blog post

How do you raise a reader? How is it possible to instil a lifelong love of reading? It’s certainly a daunting sounding task and one with a lot of responsibility, but this blog post aims to ease some of your worries.   Whilst we cannot absolutely ensure that a child will become an avid reader […]

One-to-one correspondence: 7 easy ideas – Maths for Preschoolers

a girl doing a one-to -one correspondence maths activity with dot stickers

Have you heard of the term one-to-one correspondence before? You’ll probably know what it is as soon as I explain it, but you might not have heard of the term before. One-to-one correspondence is one of the most important maths skills in the early years of learning mathematics. Once your child has mastered this skill, […]

9 Pre-Writing Activities to try with your Preschooler

a young preschool aged girl focuses on threading beads onto a chenille stick

Pre-writing activities? Just what exactly are they? Shouldn’t writing be as simple as picking up a pencil and copying out the letters? Well, no actually! If you currently think that writing is as simple as placing a pencil in your child’s hand, then this blog post is for you. Development of fine motor skills is […]

9 Pre-writing Shapes Your Child Needs to Master BEFORE learning to write

Did you know that there are 9 pre-writing shapes that your child should master before they attempt to write letters? It’s all too tempting to run before walking, but it’s essential that these skills are mastered first. Now that back to school season is fully upon us, you might be looking at ways to help […]

Starting School with Confidence: 10 Tips from a Teacher and Mum to 3

Starting school for the first time can be an exciting and overwhelming experience for children and their parents alike. The transition from home to school can bring new challenges, but with the right support and guidance, children can thrive in their new environment. As a teacher and mother to three children, I have plenty of […]

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt: A Simple Pre-Writing Activity with just 3 resources!!

If there’s one book that has captured the hearts of children (and adults!) for generations, it’s “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen. Since its publication, this beloved children’s classic has found a permanent spot on bookshelves and in bedtime routines around the world. With its catchy, repetitive lines and vivid illustrations, it’s […]

10 Simple and Fun Ideas for Name Recognition

a 4 year old girl does a name recognition activity with a DIY name recognition board

Name recognition happens in three parts: Recognising (read) Spelling Writing The activities featured here will help your child to recognise their name. Once they’ve been able to recognise their name in a number of different formats, they will be able to move onto stages two and three.  What age should you start? All activities featured […]