Play in the Middle Years of Childhood

My youngest child has recently reached the middle years of childhood and now, more than ever, I am determined to keep advocating for the importance of play. Whilst This Playful Home originally started as a place for parents to embrace the power of play in the early years, increasingly you’ll notice that my blog posts […]

Simple Halloween Dollhouse Makeover

This Halloween dollhouse makeover is the perfect activity to try with your primary school aged children. I see so many incredible dollhouse makeovers online, but the one thing they tend to have in common is that they are clearly all done by talented  adults. Dollhouses and miniatures are such a fun hobby, however for my […]

How to Make Lavender Playdough

Lavender playdough is one of our favourite go-to activities for calmer play. Not only does it smell gorgeous, but it looks pretty too! Now that lavender season is over (late June to mid August, in case you’re wondering), it’s the perfect time to think about using some lavender in your play activities. In our version, […]

10 Ways to Learn High Frequency Words

When your child first starts learning to read, they might come home with sets of high frequency words from school. These can feel daunting at first – just what exactly should you do with these word sets? How can you help your child to learn them? and what should you do if your child is […]

A Simple Pumpkin Collage for Preschoolers

We personally prefer our Halloweens on the cute rather than creepy end of the scale – that’s why we loved making this pumpkin collage! All you need is some cardboard from your recycling box and any orange, black and green craft resources that you might have. This simple pumpkin collage craft is ideal for preschoolers […]

Sweet and Simple Leaf Art for Kids

sweet and simple leaf art website cover image

One of the easiest ways to get involved with Autumn themed crafts is to make this sweet and simple leaf art with your kids. This activity couldn’t be easier to set up – and there’s also a few different ways to set up the activity which we’ll explore during this blog post. These simple leaf […]

Starting School with Confidence: 10 Tips from a Teacher and Mum to 3

Starting school for the first time can be an exciting and overwhelming experience for children and their parents alike. The transition from home to school can bring new challenges, but with the right support and guidance, children can thrive in their new environment. As a teacher and mother to three children, I have plenty of […]