15 Ways to Make Tummy Time more Fun!

15 tummy time activities

The early days and months with baby are HARD. You’re tired and your bub will probably sleep a lot but almost definitely not at night. The midwives and healthcare visitors will encourage you to do ‘tummy time’ but that’s sometimes easier said than done. If you’re in the midst’s of sleep deprivation and your baby […]

18 Easy Highchair activities for Toddlers

18 easy highchair activities

The highchair can be a great place for busy toddlers to focus on an activity. I’ve asked some of my favourite bloggers from around the globe to contribute to this post on their favourite highchair activities for toddlers, so please read on for some fantastic ideas… Our littlest learners can be the hardest to engage, […]

20 Fun and Simple Toddler Activities

20 fun and simple toddler activities

Our littlest learners can be the hardest to engage, that’s why I believe that toddler activities should be simple, fun and most importantly super quick for us adults to set up! Toddlers are typically able to concentrate for 2-5 minutes per year of age and so creating elaborate play activities for them really doesn’t make […]

8 Simple and Fun Ideas for Name Recognition

name recognition banner image

Name recognition is one of the fundamental lessons of preschool. It really sets your child on the path to becoming a reader. On a practical level too, it can help your child to become independent. If they can recognise their belongings, then that is one less thing they need to rely on a parent for. […]

24 Autumn Themed Ideas for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

24 autumn themed activities

I work with mums to help them embrace and enjoy the early years. I absolutely LOVE what I do – let me help you too. This week I’m talking about simple Autumn themed ideas that you can try in your own home. Autumn is undoubtedly by favourite season: we spend most of our days outside, […]

20 +Montessori-style ideas you HAVE to try with your children!

20+ montessori style ideas

Montessori inspiration is all over Instagram right now. It’s more than just a fashion statement though – adopting Montessori ideas in your own home are really beneficial for all concerned! Whilst attending a Montessori pre-school would set you back a fair bit in terms of cost, there’s no reason at all why you can’t borrow […]