We’re Going On A Bear Hunt: A Simple Pre-Writing Activity

Did you know that before a child is ready to pick up a pencil and start writing, they need to know how to form pre-writing shapes first? That’s why we created this really simple ‘We’re Going on Bear Hunt’ pre-writing activity. We seem to do a lot of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ activities […]

5 Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Playdate at Home

a 3 year old boy and 5 year old girl play with blue play dough

Ahh playdates! We know that they are great for our children, but they can sometimes be stressful to host. If your child has been at school or preschool all day, there’s the worry that they will be too tired. On weekends you might feel obliged to pack in the entertainment. My advice? Keep playdates simple […]

5 Ways to Make a Play Kitchen more engaging

5 ways to make a play kitchen more engaging: photo shows an IKEA play kitchen themed as a pizza restaurant

A play kitchen can be a great purchase for the play space, but what happens when it starts getting ignored? Here’s the thing, play kitchens are a great novelty in the beginning – children just love to emulate the real world in their play – but after a while, putting plastic fruit and veg into […]

3 roadblocks in creating art with your children + how to overcome them!

a paint palette with pink and purple paint. Sticks are being painted

Art with children can feel overwhelming at times especially when you are worried about what activities are suitable or even the messiness of it all! That’s why I’ve invited Amanda from Process of Play to write this guest blog post all about common roadblocks to creating art with children and some ideas on how to […]

5 Benefits of Sensory Play + How to get Started

a young girl plays with lavender scented rice.

Sensory play is one of those activities that can strike fear into the hearts of parents. It’s can be messy! Not only that, but it can be kind of gross (depending on what resources you are using) and it’s time consuming. But we’re not here to talk about the negatives. My job today is to […]

20 of our Favourite Mud Kitchen Resources

A 5 year old girl plays with a mud kitchen

One of my all-time favourite ways to encourage authentic, independent play is to get outside. Why? Because I can almost guarantee that my children will gravitate towards the ‘mud kitchen’ for a daily dose of imaginative play. Whether they are making a potion or ‘food’ there’s always some way to get creative with play whilst […]

Everyday Resources to Save for Play

a collection of loose parts for play including conkers and wood chips

There’s no denying the fact that children are EXPENSIVE and that’s before we get started on the temptation to buy every single Montessori inspired wooden toy going on Instagram! In order to avoid re-mortgaging your house as a result of toy purchases AND make play more spontaneous you need to start building up a collection […]

Sibling play: are you expecting too much, too young?

sibling play: a blonde 3 year old boy and brunette 6 year old girl play with connetix tiles

‘Just go play with your sister!’ Might sound like a reasonable enough request but is it really a realistic expectation for sibling play?   Anecdotally, I say it isn’t. Simply observing my own children at play, I know that it has taken time for my children to play in harmony (most of the time) with […]

Child-Led Play: 5 reasons why you need to make time for it daily

child-led play: featuring a 6 year old brown-haired girl playing with a doll house

As a parent, it’s so easy to be under the impression that you need to act as an entertainer and organise HOW your children play. In fact, the opposite is true and you should be allowing your child plenty of opportunities to play independently. Child-led play has so many benefits to both your child and […]