Travelling with Kids: 5 tips from an expat family of 5

travelling with kids header photo:blonde 4 year old boy and brunette 6 year old girl look out at the lake whilst on a boat ride

Seeing the world through your children’s eyes can be a magical experience. There’s something about the joy and excitement of ‘first ever’ trips via plane, train or boat. Or the very first time they dip their tiny toes into the ocean and squeal in delight. Whilst it’s fair to say that travelling with kids can […]

How to Help Kids Develop Physical Literacy

physical literacy guest post

If you take a look at Instagram early years ideas on any given day, you’ll notice heaps of ideas for fine motor skills, but not much about gross motor skills and physical literacy. Here’s the thing though, gross motor skills and physical activities are just as important, but perhaps not so easy to share on […]

Simple After-School Rhythm for Young Children

simple after-school rhythm featuring 5 year old girl playing with blocks

If you have a young child who is at school or nursery all day long, you might notice that they are a little cranky after-school. Perhaps your questions about their day go unanswered or maybe they burst into tears over something that wouldn’t usually bother them. When I was teaching Grade 2, concerned parents of […]

5 Ways to Reduce screen-time at Home + our favourite educational shows!

5 ways to reduce screen-time at home featuring boy and girl watching Cosmic Kids Yoga

Experts recommend a maximum of an hour of screen-time per day for children aged between 2 and 5 which is all very well and good, but I think we’ve all been in a position where TV just feels like the golden solution! Here’s the thing though, the more screen-time your child gets, the more they […]

5 Essentials for Building a Daily Rhythm

5 essentials for building a daily rhythm

Toddlers and young children thrive on routines. That’s why building a simple daily rhythm is so important if you want life at home to run smoother. Have you ever thought about why children act out during events like Christmas or even a trip to grandma’s? It’s because they are out of their usual routines! Young […]

6 Ways to Support Independence in Young Children

6 ways to support independence in young children

When it comes to most asked questions in my inbox, ‘how can I help my child to become more independent?’ is up there. It’s a common cause of frustration for parents who desperately need a break and are wondering when things get a little easier. The truth is this: independence doesn’t happen overnight. There isn’t […]

Why ‘Be careful’ Doesn’t Work and 15 Phrases to try instead

why be careful doesn't work

Your pre-schooler is climbing along a fallen tree trunk. You’re nervous about it and so you shout, ‘be careful!’ Whilst it might sound like sensible advice, what does ‘be careful! really mean to a pre-schooler? And ‘be careful’ of what exactly? Falling? Splinters in the wood? Rogue creepy crawlies? Here’s the thing, when we use […]

3 Ways to Set Boundaries and Build Connection to Support Positive Behaviour

setting boundaries

Persuading young children to listen to us and follow directions can be really tough! When we feel as though our children are not listening, it can lead to us feeling frustrated. That’s why I’ve invited Rebecca A. Weiner, M.Ed from Learn Play Grow¬† Consulting to write this guest post. Rebecca outlines 3 Ways that we […]

4 Reasons Your Child Isn’t Playing Independently

why your child isn't playing independently

When it comes to play, one of the questions I get asked the most is, ‘why won’t my child play independently?’ It is a real source of anxiety and concern because it also adds to the parental load. If you never get a chance to have time to yourself because you feel like you are […]