Summer Play Space Tour

summer play space tour

Our home is our little sanctuary and I love nothing more than curating a play space that my children can spend hours playing imaginary games in. I first realised the true importance of space when we began our life as expats. My husbands career means that we travel to different countries every couple of year […]

Welcoming Summer: 5 Ways we Embrace the new Season and Adapt our Family Rhythm

Summertime is a brilliant opportunity to slow everything down. With schools and preschools broken up for the summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the simpler things in life and enjoy being with your children. Welcoming Summer For us, welcoming spring means adapting our daily and weekly rhythms to accommodate the warmer weather. Without school to […]

Summer Scavenger Hunt: Two Free Printables for Toddlers and Preschoolers

a blonde 4 year old boy plays in a blue boat that has been upcycled into a piece of play equipment at a park

How ready are you for summer? The long break between school years can feel pretty daunting at times which is why I’ve created this summer scavenger hunt printable for you to download and print. There’s something very organic about observing the coming and goings of the new seasons. The children are naturally curious, asking questions […]

Summer Bucket List: a free printable for toddlers & preschoolers

summer bucket list: image of 3 boys (age 7,6,4) playing on a beach they are wet from splashing in the sea

Summer is the perfect opportunity for children to build up to longer durations of independent play and so for the most part, our Summer rhythm is rather relaxed. The children spend a large amount of their time outdoors, creating their own games and activities as they go. As summer approaches and I see more and […]

How to make your Summer at Home with young children More Playful

summer sale on all courses

Summer is here, so how about a little sale on This Playful Home Courses. ⁠ As you know, I’m really passionate about play. I love helping parents make the early years of parenthood less overwhelming and more joyful.⁠ ⁠ I believe that play is the secret ingredient to make life just that little bit easier. […]

How to Help Kids Develop Physical Literacy

physical literacy guest post

If you take a look at Instagram early years ideas on any given day, you’ll notice heaps of ideas for fine motor skills, but not much about gross motor skills and physical literacy. Here’s the thing though, gross motor skills and physical activities are just as important, but perhaps not so easy to share on […]

5 Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Playdate at Home

5 tips for hosting a stress-free playdate

Ahh playdates! We know that they are great for our children, but they can sometimes be stressful to host. If your child has been at school or preschool all day, there’s the worry that they will be too tired. On weekends you might feel obliged to pack in the entertainment. My advice? Keep playdates simple […]