Hello Lovely, I'm Siân

Educator, researcher and fellow mum currently based in Vienna, Austria.


I have one mission: to help mothers feel less overwhelmed during the early years of parenthood.


I’m here to help you say goodbye to guilt and hello to a simpler, more joyful approach to days at home with young children.

black and white photo of Sian Thomas, founder of This Playful Home
Sian Thomas, founder of This Playful Home with her young daughter in a ergobaby carrier

It all starts with you - YOU are your child's first teacher.

and I know how much you care about getting things right.


I know you worry about child development and whether or not you are, ‘a good mother.’


But I want you to know that I see you.


I’ll let you in on a little secret, ‘getting things right’ doesn’t have to mean becoming exhausted and overwhelmed.

The early years can be challenging, but sometimes the things we do make life harder than it needs to be:

  • elaborate ‘Instagram-worthy’ play activities that get ignored


  • searching for parentinghacks to make life a little easier


  • non-stop entertainment for fear that your child will ever get bored.
a 4 year old boy laughs as he plays on a see saw

Are you ready for a different approach?

You don’t have to be a teacher or child development expert to make a change. YOU are your child’s first teacher and YOU understand your own child better than anyone else. I’m here to light your path and show you the way towards a simpler, more joyful life without the overwhelm

Perhaps you're here because you are:

  • Drowning under the weight of expectations to be a good parent and feel guilty that you aren’t living up to the ideal


  • Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with little time to feel like yourself


  • Done with tidying up toys that are rarely played with


  • Frustrated that your days don’t have any consistency


  • Wondering whether the early years are just a phase of life that you just have to endure rather than enjoy


a 4 year old boy and a 6 year old girl explore a tree stump. The photo is black and white

Here is the good news...

The early years don’t have to be a stage of motherhood that you simply ‘get through’ whilst you wait for easier times ahead. I believe that the early years can be full of joy, connection and real purpose.

This Playful Home is a PLAY - centred approach to the early years - and beyond

This is not entertaining your child all day, everyday.

It might sound counterintuitive to talk about play and less overwhelm in the same sentence.


But this is about understanding the importance of genuine, child-led play.


As a teacher and researcher, I’m here to help you understand the true benefits of play beyond it simply being a way to have fun.


Here’s the thing, play is actually part of our biology. We NEED play in order to grow, develop and learn. Everything from learning social skills, problem solving, empathy and more traditional academic concepts can all be learnt through play.

a 4 year old child climbing a rock

A Three-Pillared Approach:

Making changes to your days at home in the early years means a lifestyle shift. This three-pillared approach is backed by research and years of experience to help you on your journey step-by-step.

Family Rhythms

Creating a predictable family rhythm will help bring calm to your days at home with your young children.


The home environment is your child's third teachers. Create a welcoming space to help everyone thrive.


Play is THE most important thing your children can do with their time. Learn exactly what you should be doing at home.

The Story Behind This Playful Home

If we don’t learn to simplify HOW we raise children in the early years, we run the risk of overwhelm and parental burnout.