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I’m a trained teacher mama to three awesome children and wife to Greg. Together we are a family of expats, travelling the world every couple of years for new adventures. Right now, we live in Vienna, Austria.

One thing I’m super passionate about? Helping mums worldwide navigate the early years of parenthood. I know first-hand what it’s like to do things alone. I know how overwhelming life can get.

We’re always told that motherhood in the early years is a struggle: something that we need to ‘get through.’ We make jokes about going to the bathroom alone and making it through till bedtime, but underneath those jokes is a sense of desperation. The loss of self. The feeling that life is simultaneously boring and exhausting.

I lived my life that way for a while.  I lived like life was happening to me – like I had no control of the process at all.

I would dream of more ‘me time.’  When in reality, the only ‘me time’ I got was trips to the bathroom, taking the bins out, you know, the super fun jobs of adulting.
It had to stop. Because ultimately, all the mummy martyrdom was making me a pretty miserable – and sick.
I looked deep into all the reasons I felt the way I did and all the reasons why my health had taken a hit. I took action.

You see, I no longer believe that motherhood HAS to be about survival mode and just ‘getting through’ until bedtime.

Life is way too short to live that way.

You can raise brilliant, unique children WITHOUT martyring yourself in the process.

I want you to be in control of your life. I want you to actually enjoy your days.

And whilst I don’t believe in fairy tales,  I do believe in making life as simple as possible.
Need some help navigating your own journey of motherhood?

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