mum and son


I’m Siân

BTW, that’s pronounced ‘Sharn,’ because I’m guessing that unless you’re also Welsh, you might’ve said it wrong it your head! The first day of school in a new class was always so much fun for me.

But enough about my name. I bet you’re wondering how I can help you since you’ve stumbled across my website.

Well, I’m a fully qualified teacher, a mother to three wonderful children (aged between 3-12) and wife to Greg.

We live a somewhat adventurous life as a family of expat Brits – right now we live in Vienna, Austria. Every couple of years, we set off to new destinations – it sounds glamorous, doesn’t it…?

The reality

The reality wasn’t quite so glamorous though. Having two of my three children far away from family and friends took it’s toll. I felt overwhelmed and really lacked a support network. After having my third child, I got sick – dizzy spells and vision problems even lead to brain scans to see if anything was seriously wrong.

Turns out I was simply exhausted – I hadn’t prioritised my health in a long time. It was a typical case of martyrdom to motherhood. It was time to re-evaluate how I was doing things.

You see, I used to be the uncrowned Queen of ‘Unnecessary busyness‘. DIY kids crafts, Instagram ‘theme weeks’ for kids activities, curated small world trays that my kids just didn’t care for – all check.

Time to pause and re-evaluate. Lean in a little closer…

Not so secret secret

You don’t have to do all the pretty and perfect kids activities to be a good parent.

Isn’t that wonderful?

I started to put my years as a research specialist and teacher to good use.

I still wanted to be a present parent but without making myself ill.  So I started to create a gentle rhythm to our days at home that would both honour my children and ME.

And I came to the realisation that play was the answer.

Yes, you read that right – PLAY IS THE ANSWER!

And I started piecing together my Intentional / Purposeful Method of Parenting.

girl playing castle magna tiles princesses

and now...

I now have the time to:

  • Work on building my business whilst having two young kids in tow;
  • Take time out for daily self-care – without the side order of guilt;
  • Enjoy playing with the kids;
  • Sit down in the evenings and catch up with my husband.


You see you can raise brilliant children and you can be an incredible parent WITHOUT martyring yourself in the process.

I want this for you too. I want you to actually enjoy your days without feeling like life is just happening to you.

And whilst I don’t believe in fairy tales, I do believe in making life as simple as possible.