30 Days of Outdoor Play for Autumn

As the weather gets cooler, it can feel more difficult to get outside for play – that’s why I created this 30 Days of Outdoor Play challenge for Autumn!

During the Autumn months, we might favour cosy days in, snuggling up and watching a movie or swap weekend park dates for indoor pursuits – which we love too, but the truth is, children need to be outside no matter the weather. Not only is it good for their health and overall wellbeing, but it’s fantastic for us too.


a 6 year old girl explores a tree as part of the 30 days of outdoor play challenge

When we think of play, we might typically consider gorgeous play spaces and planned activities – and whilst these are fantastic, nothing truly beats getting outside in the fresh air to play.

That’s why I created a whole mini course on Outdoor play over on my Substack page, ‘How I drink my Coffee Hot’. The 30 Days of Outdoor Play challenge was designed to inspire you to spend just a little more time outdoors each day.

This challenge is available to download for my Substack subscribers. If you haven’t signed up already, I encourage you to do so via the button below so that you don’t miss out on weekly posts and monthly challenges. You can read more about the paid and free subscriber options here.

this image shows a sample of the 30 days of outdoor play challenge with text over the top that says 'join the 30 days of outdoor play challenge' The full challenge is available to view on my substack page

In this 30 Days of Outdoor Play Challenge, you’ll find plenty of simple prompts. They are intended to be used as inspiration and you don’t have to do the prompts in any specific order. You can even repeat some activities or create your own prompts if you’d prefer.


30 Days of Outdoor Play is a great way to start where you’re at!

Most health experts recommend that young children spend an average of 2 hours outside every day. Some even recommend 4! Depending on where you’re at right now, that could either be inspiring or overwhelming. It might even feel straight up impossible and put you off entirely. 
This is why the 30 days of outdoor play challenge contains simple playful prompts that are easy enough to set up.

I am such a big believer in starting where you’re at.

Take a look at how much you’re spending outside right now and aim to extend it. You might choose to build up to longer durations in 10 minute increments or opt to do one extra park visit each week.

Download the 30 Days Outdoors Challenge Guide to help you set your goals and is a great precursor to my mini course on Outdoor play. 


this image shows an orange 'potion' that has been made with kids using natural loose parts. Just visible are the hands of two children reaching for some ingredients to put in the potion


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