Unlock The Secrets To Playful Days At Home

Understand how your children play and what helps them to become more independent and creative.

Hi there!

I’m Siân.

I’m here to help you decode the early years.

As a qualified teacher, researcher and mum to three, I have a lot of tools in my pocket that will help you to become a more playful parent

Enjoying not enduring

Struggling to get through the long, samey days at home with the kids?

You know the ones, where you check your watch thinking it’s almost nap time, but OMG it’s only 8am?!

If you currently count solo trips to the restroom as self-care and dream of the days you can drink your latte hot, then you’re in the right place.

Imagine a world where you can be a playful, present parent AND make time for yourself!

What's it all about?

Playful Parenting is at the centre of everything I do.

As a trained teacher, I spent years studying and observing different learning styles. I’ve used my experiences of both classroom teaching and raising my three children to create my own methods of playful parenting.

These methods have allowed me to find the life balance that I craved. I have set up a life for myself so that I can truly embrace the early years of motherhood.

I don’t believe that motherhood HAS to be about survival mode and just ‘getting through’ until bedtime.

Life is way too short to live that way.  You can raise brilliant, unique children WITHOUT martyring yourself in the process.

Steps to a simpler, playful life at home

Establish a gentle Daily rhythm

Understand the core elements of playful days at home with kids. And p.s. 24/7 entertainment is not the answer!

Create a playful home Environment

Your home acts as the third teacher. learn how to create playful spaces that cultivate independence and creativity.

Unlock authentic play

Learn all about the how's and whys of play. Create activities and play spaces that will actually work for YOUR child.

News & Activities

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