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Empowering parents to embrace the power of play in the early years.

a 4 year old girl plays with wooden blocks in a play space

Why Play Matters

Discover the science and benefits of play, and how it shapes our little ones into curious, capable, and creative individuals.
a photo of a childrens play space
Ideas and inspiration for creating environments that invite creativity, foster independent play, and ensure safety.
lavender sensory rice invitation to play featuring an empty alphabet puzzle board

play inspiration

Expertly crafted activities, backed by a qualified teacher, to spark imagination and foster growth in your child.

Hi! I'm Siân

Qualified teacher, researcher, wife and mother to three beautiful children aged between 4 and 13. My greatest passion is guiding mothers through the early years of childhood with my play-centred, rhythm-led approach to raising children.

I’m here to help you set your own distinct family roadmap so that you can establish your values and set a gentle rhythm that is perfect for both you and your family.

a photo of Sian Thomas founder of This Playful Home
A young toddler plays with a tray of rainbow coloured rice

The early years

The first five years are pivotal. Explore how children naturally learn and flourish through play, and understand why this stage is so transformative.
a flat lay of a city scene designed by a 7 year old girl. The background is a rainbow silk and colourful wooden blocks are used to make the city scene

Middle Childhood

Navigating these formative years with a touch of playfulness. Discover the balance between growing independence and the enduring magic of play.
a 4 year old girl traces over pre-writing shapes on a chalk board

starting school

Delve into strategies that infuse playfulness into this exciting, sometimes overwhelming, journey, ensuring a smooth and joyful transition to school life.

Play Activities & Inspiration