This is motherhood.

In the early years.


a blonde boy and brunette girl climb a tree

Ever wondered if there was an easier approach to days at home with young children?

The more you scroll social media, the easier it is to become burdened by information, rather than enlightened. It’s easy to feel guilty for not doing enough or frustrated by the sheer expectations of what motherhood in the early years should be.

The good news...

👍  You don’t have to sacrifice all to be a ‘good mother’

🫶  You don’t have to create Pinterest worthy crafts

✨  You don’t need to have a play space worthy of a magazine spread

Simple, Intentional Guidance for Mothers

No fluff, no hacks – just the genuine help you need to make life at home more joyful and less overwhelming
a blonde-haired boy and his 6 year old sister pick sunflowers

This is a play-centred approach to motherhood in the early years

You might be wondering, why play? Surely that will add more to my plate, rather than less? But here’s the thing:

Children learn through play.

And no, this is not the Instagram perfect version of play but real, child-led play.

Play is the foundation on which young children grow.


Your Playful Year

What if I told you that you didn’t have to figure everything out for yourself?

What if I told you I could help you plan out your playful year?

Your Playful Year is our low-cost membership for as little as $5.80 per month. That’s basically the equivalent of one takeaway coffee!

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Understand Play

Stop scrolling Instagram and gain genuine insights

Playful Prompts

Never run out of ideas again with research-backed activities

Step by Step Guides

To tailor activities to suit YOUR child

Plan Your Daily Rhythm

Days at home with toddlers can be tough! But what if I told you that a predictable rhythm to your day could help make your days at home more joyful and less overwhelming?
From easing those tricky transitions, to helping you set boundaries, there are so many benefits to creating a daily rhythm. This Plan Your Daily Rhythm Pack was created to help you do exactly that.

A three pillared approach

 Learn how to raise your child with intentional rhythms, purposeful learning environments and play- centred educational philosophies so that you can design your own unique family roadmap


Hello, I'm Siân

Qualified teacher, researcher, wife and mother to three beautiful children aged between 4 and 13. My greatest passion is guiding mothers through the early years of childhood with my play-centred, rhythm-led approach to raising children.

I’m here to help you set your own distinct family roadmap so that you can establish your values and set a gentle rhythm that is perfect for both you and your family.

Sian Thomas, founder of This Playful Home with her young daughter in a ergobaby carrier

Here's what I know to be true:

Children are capable

You are your child's first teacher

Don't sacrifice everything

This Playful Home is not about parenting 'hacks' that provide temporary relief from the hard work of raising children: I'm committed to showing you how to cut through all the fluff, and all of the hacks, so that you don't have to aimlessly scroll social media for answers.

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